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I am a medical doctor who works in Turkey .I prepared losing weight programs free of charge for the users iPhone and iPad.
Program name is "topoglu diet" If you look and give me your crictical ideas I will appreciate it.

Press Release by Dr. Murat Topoglu M.D

"" Topoglu Diet "
Free of charge

One of the best app for real losing weight prepared by Dr Murat Topoglu.
He is the pioneer medical doctor,acupuncturist and medical aesthetic practitioner in Turkey.
He gave many conferences for losing weight over all the world .
He treated over 52.000 patients in 29 years for losing weight.

In this app;
You can test your;
-Basal metabolism
-Body mass index
-Ideal heart rate
-Metabolism speed
-How much calorie and protein need daily
-Fat ratio of the body
-You will ask your question and Dr. Murat Topoglu will answer himself
-How much calorie you spent by some sorts of gym and others movement?
-20 useful info to live healthy and lose weight
-All the main vegeables, meats and fruits calories
-You will all calculate your intake from the foods and spent calories
-You may lose up 3 kilos ( 6,61 lbs) by using Topoglu's diet for 3 days

""These items as above are all free of charge for the users iPhone and iPad""

If you really want to lose weight and continue the diet with a little of money ;
After write your gender,weight,height and waist size click "all " or 1 or 4 week diet
Then start to use it properly. You will definately will lose weight .
If you want; you can ask and share your lost pounds with Dr Murat Topoglu

" What is my words for my patients ???""
" Over weight can not be your destiny"
" You can do it !!! Decide now,lose weight and remain your ideal weight forever"

Healthy days
Dr Murat Topoglu MD


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