Meniere’s Disease

Hemiplegia (stroke) is the condition where the body cannot move half of its part. It is caused by the one sided dysfunction of the brain blood flow. This situation is caused by the blocking or bleeding of the vessels feeding brain tissue (emboli). Same situation can also develop when there is a situation that increases the intracranial pressure (like tumor). There is loss of power or movement in the hand, arm, leg, and foot in  half of the body. It usually develops as a blockage of arterials in which 80% of them feed the brain.


Firstly, the patient is admitted to hospital in order to find the reason causing the paralysis. If there is an operation is adviced, it is done. (Conditions like explosion of the aneurism in the brain). If an operation is not suggested, the patient starts a medication treatment.


After the patient comes out of hospital, treatment should start immediately in the first 6 months. In cases later than 6 months, the effect of acupuncture is very little.
Treatment is applied almost every day or every other day for 10-15 sessions. Session times should be 40-45 minutes. At the same time, the patient should continue medicine and physiotherapy. After the first cure is completed, treatment is continued twice a week for 5 weeks. Depending on the improvement, treatment can be continued once a week or once in two weeks. Treatment can continue for 1 year. Acupuncture treatment lessens muscle’s spasticity (being in a contracted way). Besides, it prevents the muscles from atrophy (getting thinner and losing power) as needles are applied to the motor neuron plaques of muscles. Studies done throughout the world indicate that the treatment gives highly positive results.