Laser Acupuncture


When acupuncture is mentioned, we tend to think of treatments, which use needles that are punctured into the skin to some extent. And when injections are mentioned, it reminds us of a painful treatment, and so people tend to avoid acupuncture treatment. Important thing in acupuncture is to stimulate the areas called acupuncture points, which are at certain deepness under skin.

These points exist in the skin’s deep level from 2 mm. to 4cm, depending on the different regions of the skin.

Laser acupuncture is under no condition painful. It is an ideal way of acupuncture for children or for those who fear injections. Laser beams which are applied at a specific frequency and power heals many diseases by stimulating acupuncture points. Especially for treatments of allergic bronchitis and asthma that develop in childhood , a result with approximately 80-90% success rate can be acquired.

Laser Acupuncture Photos