Neck Pains

Columna vertebralis (spine) is a main column consisting of 4 vertebra types called cervical (neck), thoracal (breast), lumbar (lower back), and sacral.
Chronic neck stress pain is related to the chronic spasm of neck muscles. It is mostly seen in secretaries and those working while sitting. Posture defects, emotional stress, intense cold or tiredness can be mentioned among its existence reasons.

There is hardness in the neck. There is pain at the nape of the neck and neck depending on the intensity of the spasm. Neck movements are painful and limited.

Acupuncture treatment lets the patient feel comfortable by solving the muscular spasm and acting as a painkiller. Moreover, acupuncture will try to prevent the re-appearance of the problem by reducing the emotional stress with the regulatory affect that it will create on the limbic (a region in the brain) system.

Acupuncture is extensively used in the whole world as a treatment method for whole lower back and neck pains. Treatment is applied for 10-14 sessions for each other day or 20-30 minutes for every day. Later on, treatments are continued once a week, and later once a month, and later once in 3 months. If there is response to pain at the end of 4-5 sessions, it means treatment is effective. Sometimes there may be persistent cases after which acupuncture should continue for once a year. Success rate depends on the case; however, there are positive results with 60-80% rate.