First lipolysis is applied in 1995 in Brazil.

Lysis=means melting down.

Effect mechanism: Lipolysis shows its effect by allowing the fat to come out by increasing the permeability of membrane surrounding the fat cell’s wall.

Lipolysis is an effective local weight losing and regional fat melting method.

When losing weight, the problem of regional fattening is more prominent. In the solution of problems of shape clustering especially at pelvis, stomach, leg, and inner parts of knees, arm, and backs of shoulders, LIPOLYSIS is a unique treatment method which is one of the latest and newest techniques in the world. This method is usually conducted with the injection of some medicine which has no adverse effects to the regions with fat deposits in a pain free way.

Main medicine used in lipolysis is Phosphatidylcholines (Phosphatidylcholines=PPC). PPC is an article obtained from soya lecithin. PPC, at the same time, exists in human brain and nerve tissues. It belongs to the family of a fat acid called phospholipid, which exists in body.
While it usually has no adverse effects, light itchiness, burning sensation, and temporary redness can happen in some patients.

This treatment usually shows fat melting effect prominently after the 3rd and 4th sessions. 6-10 sessions can usually be applied depending on the patient. Applications are done with intervals of 10-15 days. The success in melting fat is 80-85%. At the end of this effective treatment, patient slims down in a visible way and gets smaller in centimeters. 20-30 minutes after the treatment is done, fats start to melt down and lessen. Peak is reached on 10th-12th days. Fat acids which are broken into pieces are disposed from the body by getting transported into kidney and liver by the lymphatic system. This treatment is applied to people over 18 years of age. Results are highly permanent.

The difference of Lipolysis from mesotherapy is that (Mesotherapy is done fats on surface and cellulite layers with needles of 4 mm.), Lipolysis is applied to deep fat areas under skin with needles of 12-13 mm. while mesotherapy is applied for 2 times in a week, Lipolysis is done with intervals of 10-15 days. In a way, lipolysis is preferred if fats on stomach, pelvis, and knees are very much (if BMI is over 30) and mesotherapy is preferred only for thinner and regional fat and if there is cellulite. In some patients, lipolysis and mesotherapy can work in combination.

Application areas:

  • Regional fat (stomach, pelvis, leg, arm, inner knees)
  • Gynecomastia (Getting bigger of breasts in males)
  • Fat gathering under chin
  • Fat bags under eyes

Unfavorable situations for application:

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Those having hemophilia and similar bleeding disease
  • It should be used be care for those using blood diluents (aspirin, Coumadin, and similar)
  • Those under 18 years of age
  • Those having allergy for the used medicine
  • Acute Infection situations
  • Those having liver and kidney failure
  • Patients with cancer

During treatment, it should definitely be avoided from sun and solarium. 20 days after the treatment ends, sun and solarium can be applied.
Success of treatment is in direct relation with the patient’s following the diet suggested and exercising.