It is a non-operational treatment method which is applied by injecting various medicines under the 2-4 mm. of skin with very thin needle tips.

In Latin,
Meso: means middle
Therapy: means Treatment. In short, it is mesoderm treatment.

Mesotherapy was first started to be used by Dr. Michel Pistor in France in 1952. In 1987, it have been approved by France Ministry of Health. It has being applied approximately in 14 countries including almost all countries of Europe, North America, Turkey, and United States of America. Approximately 18000 medical doctors in the world apply mesotherapy successfully.

Mesotherapy, on the other hand, will have no adverse effects as it is injected just to the problematic region and with very little dosage.


Mesotherapy can be used especially,

  • In treatment of cellulite; (it makes impact on fat cells surrounding fibrin layers that we call cellulite. Medicine cocktail done is prepared both to break these fibrins and fat cells. In addition, it lets the broken fats mix with the circulation by vasolidating (expanding) lymphs and veins.
  • In regional thinning and tightening, especially in pelvis, leg, arm, inner knee. There are alfa and beta receptor (which has receiving feature) in fat cells. Beta receptors break down the fat and Alfa receptors fastens fattening. While Alfa and beta receptor rate in the body part on the upper part of lower back in males and females is 1/1, there is 1 beta receptor for 6-8 Alfa receptors on the body part under the lower back region in females. This situation explains the hardship for women to lose regional weight. Medicine used in mesotherapy blocks alfa receptors and stimulates beta receptors, which lets the fats to break down quickly.
  • In treatment of painful situations (rheumatism, sport strains, migraine, lower back and neck hernia which is not suitable for operation position, sciatica, knee calcifications, etc.)
  • In fibromyalgia and tendinitis
  • In treatments of hair loss.

Here, some vitamins which are needed by hair roots, oligo elements (zinc, copper, molybdenum, manganese, etc.), DNA polymer, vasodilator medicine is applied to hair root directly in one tenth of cantigrat in thermometers. 10 sessions are done in form of one session per one week. Usually hair loss stops after 3rd session. As it feeds new hair roots, hair’s becoming more frequent becomes visible after 4-6 months.

It is used as rejuvenative in face wrinkles and facial floppiness. Here, especially non reticular hyaluronic acid is used which allows the skin flexibility existing anatomically under the skin which is needed by face skin. In addition, face becomes really more tight, bright, and healthy when some vitamins and proteins (amino group acids) , and minerals are added. It increases collagen and elastin fibrins by stimulating fibroblast cells under the facial skin. It makes antiaging effect by increasing feeding of cells with oxygen.


Mesotherapy is done to the problematic area with micro injections by using eyelash-thin and short needles (with 4-6 mm length and 0.26-28 mm thickness). It is applied after the application area is cleaned with disinfectant solutions that make very powerful sterilization. There is very little aching and pain sensation. It can be applied to anybody between 18-75 years of age.

It changes depending on person and cellulite type, patient’s age, and for how long there has been cellulite. But usually 8-14 sessions are enough. In some cases, on the other hand, it can be up to 20 sessions (to be applied with intervals). Sessions can be made for 1 time or 2 times in a week. After treatment is completed, it is suggested to continue to the treatment for 6 months with 15 days or 1 month of interval.

It is suggested to take a bath 6 hours after treatment.

Blood diluents like aspirin, Coumadin should not be used prior to treatment.

It is necessary to strictly follow the diet suggested by doctor, not intake any salt if possible or use it very little, and consume plenty of water during treatment.

Mesotherapy is a completely safe treatment and there has been no case of death for 50 years. But in liposuction operations, 100 people die each year.

Unfavorable situations for application:

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Those having hemophilia and similar bleeding disease
  • It should be used be care for those using blood diluents (aspirin, Coumadin, and similar)
  • Those under 18 years of age
  • Those having allergy for the used medicine
  • Acute Infection situations (diseases with fever)
  • Those having liver and kidney failure
  • Patients with cancer
  • In diseases of eczema and herpes zoster
  • Diabetes diseases related to insulin
  • Those having heart arrhythmia

During treatment, it should definitely be avoided from sun and solarium. 20 days after the treatment ends, sun and solarium can be applied.

Success of treatment is in direct relation with the patient’s following the diet suggested and exercising.

Adverse effects:
There may be bleeding in the skin with little amount and turning black and blue afterwards. Rarely, allergy may develop against the medicine. In some patients, a temporary burning sensation may develop.

Hair mesotherapy is the method of injecting vitamin, mineral, and proteins to the hair follicule.
As skin with hair has a layer of keratin, shampoo, lotion, or bulbs which are applied from outside cannot enter well into the hair root and cannot give the desired effect. But vitamins injected with mesotherapy method reach hair root and makes the hair grow more healthy by feeding hair root.

In a normal adult person, there are 5 million hair roots. 100,000 of these are hair straits which are on the head. Normally, 100 hairs strait is lost and the new ones at the same amount grow in a day. Losing of hair for more than 100 shows that there is a problem.
Hair straits have a life time. Starting from the time they start to grow, they will live for between 4 and 7 years on average.
Factors which are effective on hair loss:

1-Genetic tendency
2-Hormonal factors: Thyroid diseases and imbalance in sex hormones.
3-Environmental factors: Air temperature, climate, sun ray, etc.
4-Nutritional factors: Protein deficiency causes losing, getting thinner, and whitening of hair. Group B, E, and A vitamin are very important for hair. Besides, Zinc, Copper, and Selenium are also very important for the growth of hair and hair on body. Again, anemia related to iron deficiency causes loss of hair.
5- A sudden psychological impact: Reasons like loss of a close person, traffic accident, leaving job or separation from spouse; earthquake etc. may cause losing hair.
7- Some treatment methods and medicine also cause loss of hair temporarily. Some cancer medicine, heparin, et., and radiotherapy which is also applied for cancer treatment also cause hair loss temporarily. Medicine used in heart disease, depression, gout, rheumatism, and birth control pills may also cause hair loss temporarily.
Effects of hair mesotherapy are these:

• It prolongs the life time of living hair which are on the Anagen phase of which life spam is shortened.
• It increases the decreased rate of living hair straits again to the levels of 70-85%.
• It makes the dead hair which are on recession (Katagen) phase and resting (Telogen) phase to come off as soon as possible so that it will allow for the production of new hair on their places.
• It increases the blood circulation on hairy skin.

Hair mesotherapy is a treatment used in long term. The first 8 sessions are applied for once in a week. Treatment is completed by applying the later sessions for once in a month. In order to see the effects, it is required to wait for the end of the treatment process.