Ozon Tedavisinin Fizyolojik Etkileri Nelerdir?


1-Ozone triggers the production of white blood cells.
2- Ozone provides increase in interpheron levels.
4- Ozone stimulates the secretion of IL-2.
5- Ozone kills most of the bacteria even in low concentrations.
6- Ozone is effective against all mycte types.
7- Ozone is the best virus known (virus killer).
8- Ozone is anti-neoplastic (anti-cancer).
9- Ozone oxydates (burns-melts) plaques that causes narrowing in veins. It breaks both arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis plaques.
10- Ozone increases the flexibility and feature of changing shape of red blood cells.
11- Ozone activates citric acid cycle.
12- Ozone makes antioxidant enzymes more effective.
13- Ozone breaks down the petrochemicals gathered in the body.
14- It has pain killer effect in medical usage.
15- It stimulates immune system.
16- It increases blood production and bone marrow work.
17- It increases the capacity of blood’s oxygen carrying.
18- It has detox effect.
19- It accelerates metabolism.
20- It increases working of thyroid gland.
21- Medical ozone increases the oxygen rate in blood.