Depression Treatment


Apart from basic mental symptoms like ailment, reluctance, not getting pleasure from life, despondency, hating one’s self, desperation at view towards one’s own and life, lack of energy, there may also be physical symptoms like lack of appetite and weight, increase of appetite in some patients, gaining weight, sleep disturbances (insomnia, waking up at night, or excess sleeping), decrease or increase in sexual desire, exhaustion, lack of energy, body pain in some patients, headache.


What we call stress is the gathering of all negative and challenging emotions created in our inner world by all kinds of hardship and hindrances that we meet in interpersonal relations and social events. If stress is felt on lower levels it may be an impulsive power in our professional and private life.
Intense work in the workplace and struggle in daily life, the hassle of urban life makes us go through excess stress. Under these conditions, the defense mechanism in our body weakens. Immediately afterwards, complaints like extreme anger, sudden temper fits, intolerance, tension headache, burning and heartburn in the stomach are developed.


During acupuncture treatment, some bio chemicals are produced. The most important secretion here is serotonin. Usually acupuncture has no adverse effects. Serotonin is the secretion of happiness.
Acupuncture applied to the body and ear gives positive results in the treatment of stress and depression.
Treatment is applied almost every day or every other day for 10-12 sessions. Session duration is 30 minutes. After the first cure is finished, treatment should continue twice a week for 5 weeks. Depending on the improvement situation, treatment can be continued for once in a week or once in two weeks. Treatment can continue for 6 months.