Facial Paralysis

Facial Paralysis

Facial paralysis is the name given to the malfunction of facial muscular movements with the getting effected of Nervus Facialis, which is called the 7th Head nerve (the nerve that controls the facial motor functions). As a result of this, mouth and cheek slides toward one side. Movements of lifting eye brows cannot be made. One cannot blink the eye lid on the effected side. There is a constant lacrimation and flix on the eye. When laughed, mouth goes upwards on one side.

There are 2 types of facial paralysis:

1.   Central facial paralysis: It is usually connected to damage in the brain. In this situation, only the cheek area of the face is affected. Eyebrow and eye muscles are not affected. Eyelids and forehead muscles are not affected.
2.   Peripheral facial paralysis: Here, all facial nerves are affected. Movements of eyelid, forehead, and upper and lower cheek region muscles are damaged.


Although a certain reason cannot be found, the following reasons have been listed. That is, reasons of 2/3 of them are not known.

  • One part of the face’s being exposed to cold: Opening of the window when in car, getting exposed to cold weather or ventilation after showers (Peripheral facial paralysis)
  • Viruses; Herpes zooster, herpes viruses that cause herpes (Peripheral facial paralysis)
  • Tumors or bleeding in brain or in salivary glands (Central facial paralysis)
  • Mesotitis
  • Systemic diseases; Diabetes, hypertension, neuritis (inflammation of nerves), vitamin deficiency
  • Traumas: Can also be caused by hiaround in the ear or on the face.
  • Operations: Operations on the ear and salivary glands tumors inside the head


Usually 90% of the facial paralysis of which the reasons are not known heals by itself without any treatment. 3 weeks after the appearance of disease 75% of it heals. In the remaining cases, recovery can take up to 2-3 months. Repeating facial paralysis, on the other hand, heals in a longer duration of time.


  • Medicine treatments: Cortisone, Vitamin B complex
  • Physical treatments
  • Operations: For non-improving paralysis
  • Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture Treatment

It should be started within the first 6 months after facial paralysis. In cases where treatment is started later, chance of healing is less.
Treatments should be received almost every day for 10-12 sessions. Then, 1 week of intervals should be allowed, and treatment should be continued twice a week for 4 weeks. Then, it is continued to strengthen facial muscles once a week or once in every 2 weeks depending on the healing condition. Treatment sessions approximately last for 30-45 minutes. Electro-acupuncture is highly effective here. Treatment success is 95%.

Treatment points:
LI 4, LR3, (bilateral),
GV 20,GB 20,ST 2,LI 20,ST 2,ST 4,ST 6, ST 7,SI 18, GB 14, TE 17,ST 43, ST 44,Yuyao =M-HN-6 (mid of eyebrows)(affected side)
Ear acupuncture treatment: