Acupuncture in Losing Wight

1- Decreases appetite and getting hungry

The biggest problem of people on diet is that they cannot prevent their hunger and appetite during dieting. What is appetite? Appears after birth. Is the activity of eating something with pleasure. Some people like hot food, some sweet, and others prefer cultural cuisines like the Chinese cuisine or the Turkish cuisine. Getting hungry, on the other hand, appears when we are born. It is an instinct. When a baby cries, the mother feeds the baby with the milk in her breast and the baby stops crying. Actually, it is an instinct that lasts till death. But, during very serious diseases hunger is not felt (for example cancer or diseases with very high fever). Acupuncture decreases noradrenalin and adrenalin level in the hypothalamus area in the brain and increases serotonin (it is an article that gives happiness. It appears especially after eating chocolate). In this way, the patient always feels full and does not have an appetite.

2- Prevents heartburn and pyrosis:

Dieting can be tormenting especially for people who have burning sensations in their stomachs and raging hunger. But acupuncture decreases stomach acid as it stimulates the neural crests leading to stomach and bowels. So, even if the stomach is empty due to diet, there will be no extra acid. Thus, the person can continue the diet very comfortably.

3- Prevents weakness and fatigue:

Acupuncture has a quality that gives energy. Thus, the person does not feel fatigue. Being overweight actually makes people feel weak and fatigue.

4- Lessens stress:

When acupuncture needles are applied to body and ear, an article called beta endorphins is excreted. And this relaxes the person by reducing stress. It regulates sleep.

5- Organizes metabolism

A diet suitable for the patient’s gender, age, and disease is advised to the person together with acupuncture. The diet is changed each week.

When all these factors come together, it becomes easier to lose weight. It prepares the person to lose weight. According to this, 8-10 kilograms are lost at the end of 6-8 weeks with acupuncture treatment that is applied once or twice a week. If the weight needed to be lost is more, treatment is continued weekly. After the ideal weight is reached, acupuncture is continued for 6 months with a magnetic bracelet once a month (magnetic active coal the size of a lentil. ) During this period, a healthy nutrition, instead of dieting, is applied and so the weight is fixed. The patient is then required to see the doctor a few times a year. Why?
Because there are reasons that can cause weight gain again.