Allergic Asthma

Is a chronic inflammatory disease. Especially cells of mast cell, eozinofils, T lymphocytes, macrophages, neutrophils, epithelial cells. In sensitive people this situation causes respiration with a whistling sound, hardship in inhaling, and coughing at night and in the early morning. Attacks are repetitive. Inflammation causes extreme sensitivity in bronchia against various stimulus.

Asthma starts in childhood and is together with atopy. Atopy is the name given to genetical tendency which causes development of specific IgE as response to environmental allergen.


A full treatment is provided with ear and body acupuncture. For this reason, firstly the level the body will respond to the treatment is detected by measuring the electrical potentials of especially ear acupuncture points. With the specifically developed point scanning (detector) devices, electrical loads of the points in electronic environments are measured. That is, it is detected with an electric load loaded to the acupuncture points. Because there are electrical points in the ear where each organ and tissue system is in constant communication. After determining these points with our devices, golden or silver needles are used depending on the point’s being loaded with (-) or (+).

Treatment lasts for 8-12 sessions in the beginning depending on the person. Sessions are done every day or every other day, and after sessions end an interval of 7 days is given. Within the following 3 weeks of time, the patient continues the treatment for 2 sessions a week. At the end of 3 weeks, he/she comes again once a week for 3 weeks. In order for the disease  to not repeat itself, the patient comes for treatment once a month for a period of 6 months or a year.